Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi guys.
Havent upload my blog long time.Duno why,but was so lasy,and busy.
So all time i was spending for fighting and fighting.
Not party,no rest.
So contender is done,and i want wright today about my fight in CONTENDER ASIA FINALE,against Rafik my mate from contender hahahaha.
So for fight against Rafik i havent train long time,i mean just concentrait at this fight.Coz a was fighting in Malaysia in Alor Star,i fight there with one thai fighter and i win by Ko in first raund.Then back to Koh Samu, WMC camp,and was geting ready for fight vs rafik.
I just got 5 days for training then i have to leave to singapure on 8 of april.
Anyway this days was anough for me to be in shape.
Coz i wast trying to get good stamina and all this for this fight.
All what i need its b smart in fight vs rafik.
Try to no get angry,coz i was watching many time Rafik fight against JWP.
When JWP lost his disceplin and start to b angry,rafik use it well.
So i said to my self,Dzhabar just b smart.
And i think i did well.
Yes fight wasnt interesning,but i need to win that fight ,just win.
So i did and im happy with this.

And it was realy nice to coming back to Singapure,and meet my friends.
Zack,Pitu,Sean,JWP and Yodi,and all my other Friends from Singapure.
Crazy Zidov i see here in samui everyday.We r neighbours.
Thanks to everyone who was supporting me and all contenders.
Thanks to Singapure and i realy like this country.
SINGAPURE ill b back soon.


Anonymous said...

Dzhabar, i would like to wish you good luck in this new competition! I´m your fan since i saw you in The Contender. I was a boxer, now i´ve been training hard muay thai in Brazil too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dzhabar, I just wanted to wish you good luck with everything, I have become a huge fan since watching you in The Contender, though you were an amazing fighter, I ring girl at muay thai shows in Scotland, hope to go far with this. You are my favourite fighter =)
Samantha xxx

Gareth said...

so glad I could find a way to contact you! Contender has just finished here in the UK. You proved to be a great man and a great fighter!

I have started training in kickboxing since seeing the show.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing more fights with you soon!

kyliejade said...

Good photo of u all. xx