Thursday, December 27, 2007

about me :)

a little bit about me..

21 years old, living in Thailand (Bangkok & Koh samui) representing UAE,Dubai.

Born 24th January 86’ in Dagestan, at mountain village Kurah, State of Russia. Grow up in a family of 5, the youngest of 3 sibling. When I was 6, going to school in village magaramkent in Dagestan. At this age my father bring me to the judo gym and I was training there for 2 years.

Due to some event, my family move to the city Derbent when I was 9. Father bring me to the muay thai gym and I fall in love with this sport. So, I was 12, I moved to Dagestan capital Mackachkala. Then, go to the best gym in Russia to continue muay thai training.

My muay thai career start there. I won many many competition until world title for junior at the age of 13. got my 1st professional fight when I was 18. it was 4 man contest and I won! Years later, I moved to Thailand to train with the best trainer I can find and stay here in Thailand for 3 years already.

This is my life journal for my keepsake.

Catch me on AXN on 16 Jan 2008 participating in CONTENDER ASIA show!

my 1st time blogging


finally,my very own blog.

first time.try to write bout my life, muay thai, samui, my friends and family.. and whatever i can think of! :)

okay, till then.. happy new year!