Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was my last friday in Samui,before leave to sweden.So like every friday i went to Mosque,for pray with Djamaat.

I try to bee good Muslim,and i do my best,but sometimes i do mistakes like all normal people.
But always i apologize infront of ALLAH,and i InshaAllah ALLAH forgive me.
I know all my life and my destiny is in the hands of ALLAH.
So when i pray i apologize of all my mistakes,pray for bee strong in my fights ,pray for winning.And i feel strong,i going to Sweden just for winning,and only winning InshaAllah,and then its all up to ALLAH.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Soon i will going to Sweden on 28 of may.
Surre for fight hehehe,will going for holidays just when retired.
So i training here at my home, my WMC camp.
In this tournament will fight my 2 mates from conteder:Bruce and Joakim
I will fight first fight vs Jordan Thai from New Zealand.
Bruce will fight first with Marco Pique from Holland.
And Joakim will fight his first fight against Daniel Ellias from Sweden.
This will be 8 fighter tournament.
Also there will b Yodsanklai,who will fight against Russian fighter Artem Levin,they will fight for vacant WMC world title.
Its will be nice to meet again with my friends after Contender Asia Finale,and Zak coming there too,and Pitu coming there his my corner man.

JWP have to b there too,but his father die and he cant come.
Fell sorry for him,and just want to wish all the best for him and his family .

So i training for this tournament and Joakim was here also he was geting ready,so it was nice time to train hard.
Twice a week we have sparings with eachother and with Zidov,and other days we run alot,kicking and punching pads with trainers.
So i can said we r in shape.(Me and Joakim)

We both will do our best and will meet in final INSHAALLAH,
and then i always said its all up to ALLAH.
So i train hard and pray and going for WARR.


Hi guys.
Havent upload my blog long time.Duno why,but was so lasy,and busy.
So all time i was spending for fighting and fighting.
Not party,no rest.
So contender is done,and i want wright today about my fight in CONTENDER ASIA FINALE,against Rafik my mate from contender hahahaha.
So for fight against Rafik i havent train long time,i mean just concentrait at this fight.Coz a was fighting in Malaysia in Alor Star,i fight there with one thai fighter and i win by Ko in first raund.Then back to Koh Samu, WMC camp,and was geting ready for fight vs rafik.
I just got 5 days for training then i have to leave to singapure on 8 of april.
Anyway this days was anough for me to be in shape.
Coz i wast trying to get good stamina and all this for this fight.
All what i need its b smart in fight vs rafik.
Try to no get angry,coz i was watching many time Rafik fight against JWP.
When JWP lost his disceplin and start to b angry,rafik use it well.
So i said to my self,Dzhabar just b smart.
And i think i did well.
Yes fight wasnt interesning,but i need to win that fight ,just win.
So i did and im happy with this.

And it was realy nice to coming back to Singapure,and meet my friends.
Zack,Pitu,Sean,JWP and Yodi,and all my other Friends from Singapure.
Crazy Zidov i see here in samui everyday.We r neighbours.
Thanks to everyone who was supporting me and all contenders.
Thanks to Singapure and i realy like this country.
SINGAPURE ill b back soon.