Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Soon i will going to Sweden on 28 of may.
Surre for fight hehehe,will going for holidays just when retired.
So i training here at my home, my WMC camp.
In this tournament will fight my 2 mates from conteder:Bruce and Joakim
I will fight first fight vs Jordan Thai from New Zealand.
Bruce will fight first with Marco Pique from Holland.
And Joakim will fight his first fight against Daniel Ellias from Sweden.
This will be 8 fighter tournament.
Also there will b Yodsanklai,who will fight against Russian fighter Artem Levin,they will fight for vacant WMC world title.
Its will be nice to meet again with my friends after Contender Asia Finale,and Zak coming there too,and Pitu coming there his my corner man.

JWP have to b there too,but his father die and he cant come.
Fell sorry for him,and just want to wish all the best for him and his family .

So i training for this tournament and Joakim was here also he was geting ready,so it was nice time to train hard.
Twice a week we have sparings with eachother and with Zidov,and other days we run alot,kicking and punching pads with trainers.
So i can said we r in shape.(Me and Joakim)

We both will do our best and will meet in final INSHAALLAH,
and then i always said its all up to ALLAH.
So i train hard and pray and going for WARR.


I is Powderfool ` said...

Go Dzabar !

Supporting you all the way here from Singapore , I will keep up with all your fights and I know you will become one of the best fighters in the world !

D-man's Greatest Fan! said...

Dzhabar, INSYAALLAH you will rise all the way to the top. Never lose faith in ALLAH!!

Love ya!!

Agnes said...

I was in stockholm and saw you fight. Even though I am swedish I was hoping for you to win! And I am so sorry that they ended the fight! I was not fair at all. But I am sure you will come back and show them all who is the best!

/greetings from Sweden and Agnes!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with agnes. You're the man, noone wants to end a fight like that. Hang in there Dzhabar!
Best regards from Norway

Anonymous said...

how is rafik? rafik is a good guy. very handsome you re married?