Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hi guys i didnt upload my blogspot a few weeks,coz wasnt much interesning in my life .
So i just think i will upload some funny pictures of me and my friends.
So im with one my couches Phetch.

Funny and crazy bastard Zidov.
Spanish muchacho.(cooker)
Beauty and beast hahahaaha
Will upload blog soon when i get back in shape for my nxt fight.


Atiqah said...

hey dzhabar!!
nice photos you got there..
looking forward to ur next entry!!=))

faezah said...

aye you've got nice pictures there
really cool
i've been watching the contender over and over again lately
(maybe because i've been very interested in muay thai)
anyhow,i have to say this
you're really good
fantastic fighter
i really admire
update your blog more often ayt
really looking forward to your next entry :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There D,
I'm from the UAE and just now I read an article about you in one of our arabic news papers,before that I knew nothing about you and I have to say that I respected you alot after what I read there and here in your site.
I think you're brave and I'm sure Allah will be with you whereever you are.
I shall pray for you and your family and I wish you all the best.
Your sister

Anonymous said...

Salam Meme my adress is
i want talk to u about something can u pls send me uyr email.

Anonymous said...


Shafa said...

Assalamualaikum brother!
hello dzhabar!!
since watching TCA i've been a fan of muay thai, and u! u're an awesome fighter and shall i say...cute?? hehe! been following ur blog for quite sometime now and the funny fotos really gave me a good laugh! (kinda needed it after a stressful day at work....) especially the pic of u and the spanish muchacho hehe(that's pitu, right?)
Anyways good luck for all ur future fights and will be looking fwd to ur next blog entry! I think the Muslim community here in Singapore loves u after TCA was aired, sure they do! All the best and God bless!

Asy ' Ari said...

wow,just because of u ..i gt really into muay thai!!! I love ur fights.May Allah s.w.t bless u and i pray for u on your fights

herry said...

salamualaikum Dzhabar, I heard that contenderasia will be aired today. Are you in?

Anonymous said...


Peace to you brother.

I’m inspired! You are a brilliant boxer. You should have won against John Parr. It was your fight! I too love muaythai but never get the chance to compete. I was training with Zach in Singapore. Did think Zach will go far but he surprise me. He too was brilliant. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and wish you all the best in your future fights! You are the Prince Nassem of Muaythai. May Allah bless you of your hard work and dedication to this wonderfull sport call Muaythai. Please post future fights event.

Your fan,
Syed Muhamad

G said...

I saw you at Evolution 15 and that was the best ever! Thanks for knocking Preacher down. =P I don't hate him, I'm just not a fan. He's a great fighter but you are greater! It was so cool watching you that night, my boyfriend and I really enjoyed your fight and hope to see you often at the Evolution, you're the best!

Jerry said...

Dzhabar your fight this friday night will be broadcast live on www.GoFightlive.Tv and will be available for viewing after the event also. Good Luck

Moto said...


It was a wonderful down at the extra round against Hinata.

I am a fan of you since I saw you at Contender Asia on AXN.

You can be a K-1 MAX Champion next year!

Thanks and regards,
Moto from Hong Kong

WREST said...

Assalamu Alejkum Brat, Udachi Tebje Ahi. Djabrail

Anonymous said...

Dzhabar you are best! Really like your fighting style, really nice!

Dsnf said...

You don't update anymore, hon? It's very dissapointing.

Anonymous said...

Hi guy!
I see you and the other fighters on TV, here in italy. great matches!! and what a group!!
Hope to see you fight soon...

And maybe in italy...

See ya guy

mohammed said...

assalamualikum dzhabar ur a nice boxer..,i like ur punches..,im a big fan of urs

Anonymous said...

asif ali,hey dzhabar i saw you in contender you realy inspire .thank you

adrian said...

Dzhabar good luck against Roosmalen. Hoping for a great fight and a highlight reel knockout for you.

aliev magomedveli said...

Assalamu halajkum brat,barkalla.