Monday, July 14, 2008


So hi guys
So what i can said about fights in Sweden
1 things it was so nice to be in Sweden see all my friends
One of my best friends Ukay,Zack,Pitu after so long time.I have see sure there Bruce and Youdsanklai.
I been in sweden 3 days hanging around with Ukay,Zack and Pitu.
Uykay was showing around for us.And it was realy nice,its cold wether i like it so much.All what i can said Stockholm its amazing,and blond girls its super hahahaha.
So no we go to fights.
First my fight was against Jordan Tai,and i was watching alot of his fight in knew him well.
He taller then me and he have strong punches.
And what i need to do i did.I start fight agrassive strat fast alot of punches.Thats what i was need to do.So i win fight by TKO coz i catch him a few time well.Anyway thanks to Jordan for fight and good luck in future.

So second fight have to be harder,coz i was fighting one of the top Dutch guys Marco Pique.He win first fight against Bruce in 2 raund so....So its happen really marco give me so hard time.He is so tal,so it wasnt easy for me to fight him.Anyway we fight 3 raunds at the and of 3 raund marco cut me.And judjes give one extra raund.And me and marco give all power to win fight,and by point i win fight.Really thanks to Marco for fight,u r top fighter.

And i go to final.In final was waiting me Marcus Oberg swedish fighter.He bit other two swedesh boys to go final,and one them was my man Uykay actually i thionk Uykay win fight against Marcus in semifinal but im not a judje,so its just what i think.Anyway i go to final and i want to give all my best to be champion of K-1 MAX SCANDINAVIA.But luck wasnt on my side that day and doctor stop fight in 3 raund coz i get cut in fight against Marco.With all respect to Marcus it wasnt the hardest fight of tournament.But Marcus was smarter and this is tournament so we need to becareful to not get cut in first fights,and MArcus did well.I was so upset about lost like this in final but its life.ALLAH know what HE do.

I said thanks to all of u guys Yukay,Zack,Pitu,Bruce to helping me in fights be my corner mans.Cherrs brothers thanks alot .Was nice to see u all. Thanks to promouter Kasra its best event in Europe ,i proud to fight there.Best regards.


Ronin said...

i respect your tenacity, dzabhar.

keep going. we've got your back.

Atiqah said...

at last you blogged!!
hehe.. ;)
good job dzabhar!!
good luck in your next fights!!

nadya said...

good post jabba, you did good. congrats my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I´ve got lots of respect for U Jabba, but I can´t understand why U don´t give Marcus Öberg the respect he earns for the K-1 Max scandinavia. He almost killed Ukay and it was a disaster that their fight went to extra round and to be honest Jabba, "Mackan" would have won the final againtst U on points anyway, without the cut. But U are absolutely one of my favorite fighters I like your style... aggressive!... Keep your head up bro!

Peace // Kakke