Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was my last friday in Samui,before leave to sweden.So like every friday i went to Mosque,for pray with Djamaat.

I try to bee good Muslim,and i do my best,but sometimes i do mistakes like all normal people.
But always i apologize infront of ALLAH,and i InshaAllah ALLAH forgive me.
I know all my life and my destiny is in the hands of ALLAH.
So when i pray i apologize of all my mistakes,pray for bee strong in my fights ,pray for winning.And i feel strong,i going to Sweden just for winning,and only winning InshaAllah,and then its all up to ALLAH.


I is Powderfool ` said...

Go Jabby !

Adam Aziz said...

Assalamalaikum, Good luck in sweden, i just recently was able to watch contender and i was proud to see you set a good example for muslims showing great fighting spirit and heart also giving JWP the closest fight of the competition i look forward to watching more of your fights in the future.

Fai said...

Hey man, sorry i haven't been visiting your blog. Busy as a bee>_< with upcoming examinations and Friday is your last day??

Today in Brunei is Friday...*waves*. As i said before: hope you knock their socks off! Because you're a great fighter!

Matteo Gallazzi said...

Hallo Bad Boy I'm Italian Boy and i think that you are the best one. I like so much how you fight with hearth . I would know you. if i come to Thailand i hope to see you . In what camp do you trainer? do you fiht in Italy?
Thanks Matteo

Atiqah said...

didn't know you have a blog?
nice reading your blog!!
good luck..

Hazirah said...

Hi Dzhabar..I am your real fan..Loves your fight!

My little diary said... your real fan too! I respect your fighting spirit and the way you handle the situation when provoked by rafik! I'm going to watch the MuayThai Superfights Season 2 in Shah Alam Malaysia, cant wait to see you fight~!!!!!!

BoxxTomoi said...

* Where you learn to blog (??)

take care !!

My little diary said... are not in the Muay Thai superfights (Malaysia) because of the stupid visa (stupid government) so dissapointed as i've been waiting to see you fight, LIVE! Anyway...All the best!

Lavuvu said...

im watchin contender on tv and really enjoyin seeing it. Congrat Dzhabar.

and seriously this my first time watching Conrender.

all the best

Ash Mel said...

I wish you success and all the best in your next endeavor.I am impressed that you are young yet passionate about what you do. But the most proudest thing of all is that you keep your faith in Allah. I hope i'll get to see your fights one day.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

sorri guys havent upload my eamil long time.just back to thailand.

Dzhabar Askerov said...

sorry guys havent upload my blog just back from visit parents in russia.
so im back to thailand now.

kyliejade said...


Anonymous said...

Dzhabar, I saw a video of you with santa claus hat and you wishing "merry christmas", man are you lost? don't you say you are muslim? what the hell you're talking about? at least know what you're saying. It's not enough to wear arab outfit to be a muslim.

by the way, do you know what Muhammad (s.a.w) said about punching other people in the face?

I know you like your sport I used to like sports like that, but now I think fighters look like dogs or petushki fighting to amuse others. Take care. May Allah guide you!

godzhabar said...

Man ur really a great fighter , a great muslim really thought u deserved the 150.000 dollar but what are u gonna do man u should be proud u came to the semifinal man good luck in the future with muay thai.

MoonSheWolf said...

Salaam Aleykum, Dzhabar.

Wish to you all the best in a personal & in a carrier life!
MashaAllah, you're an example as a muslim fighter, you own - keep it up, brother :)